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29 April 2010 @ 02:25 am
2007-06-13 18:40:19
Thank you

Thank you those that came on the 12th.

I think that I'll be really happy to spending precious time together again.

Perhaps you'll recognize the meaning of living.

I guess that's exaggerated.

But that's because it's me.

Thank you.

The photo is the sepia version.
I guess I'll put up the color version after.

29 April 2010 @ 02:10 am
2007-06-12 13:02:19

It's a live todayー.

30,000yen for an adult snack!

Since bananas are food for adults I'll get that~!

I only approve of the hard green bananaーs.

Yo Sushi shop.

I'll do my best nu!

Everyone else will too!!

28 April 2010 @ 11:58 pm
2007-06-05 16:45:56
Complete reason

My intention isn't to try and had better not make peace with the rivals.

Nothing is born there.

Because my purpose is to make peace

I'll let my companions know of my condition.

Friends, lover, acquaintances, everything

Ruthlessly [saying], I won't allow you to be affected by my intelligence.


The world, and humans

They can't seem to be clever.


They can be with great effort.

Even so

Today is fine.

When I'm doing the mic check, I say 'today is fine' (primary school teachers use it a lot)

In English it's

Heard as

Today is fine.

And the way I pronounce it suits well.

That said, I already wrote the Japanese translation

Honjitsu wa seiten nari

I wonder though what sort of thing it is?

Well, it's not bad.

For the place that I said it. [TN:...Saki likes to use random full stops. Makes translations sound. You know. Weird. LOL. Ok I'll stop xD]

See you☆
28 April 2010 @ 11:34 pm
2007-06-03 20:53:07
Come to think of it

The day after last year's Christmas live, for some reason everyone went to the Aquarium.
We're a lonely? group.

It's still rainingー.

We got excited that from behind we posed like idiots. High but useless tension. It's a photo. Of all the members acting without restraints.

This came out of the data folder I was looking at.

If you know who is who from behind, -tarrot- will present your level 3 certificate.
Certification by Saki. [TN: firstly LOL, this kid... XD♥ and he means the kind of certificate that you'd get if you passed your exams. As for who is who... my guess is Sid, Saki, Toki, Jin and Karen]

The two on the right look charmingly close (laughs)

I have memories of a ball of brains (that's what I named the gross lump of sea anemone) and a fish that's called alligator gar that won't disappear.

You should look for them if you go to the aquarium.


...I miss this kid so much that I'm back translating for him :D;;;;
Sorry for the delay~
...I know I should be doing other things, but ahhh~ he always manages to crack me up with his strange entries. Kinda what I need right now. :)
16 August 2009 @ 08:34 pm
-tarrot- have officially? opened their new blog


I'm sure majority of people would rather like to know what's going on with those guys now than their past stuff (but backlog is still fun, right D:?)
However, I will not be translating that blog on this community as this was created solely for Saki's blog.

If you want translations of those then go to dearxdeparted where my other translations will be also.

Um. Yeah. (>_<)

I'll continue working on his backlog when I get more time/after I've finished saving everything since I get the feeling it's gonna be deleted D:

13 August 2009 @ 06:04 pm
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Ahhhh... I might move all his translations to a different comm and delete this one since... the guys will be getting new blogs soon (though Saki has been really vague stating whether they're moving away from Ameba or not). Still undecided, but I'll make a mod post about it if it ends up that way.