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13 August 2009 @ 06:23 pm

2007-06-02 00:05:53
Evening meal

I finally ate something deceーnt.


The image is the place I ate at.

Thus, it was risky.
I shook free from the gasoline meter!

Just safe.

Well, changing drivers.

Now, I'll take the center seat but

It's like I've been separated from the best seat so I have a bad feeling.

Is it the end?

It's Jin-shi driving now, the other person is sinking.

But Jin-shi misses his rabbit,

But I'm gonna wake up early?

Even so, I wasn't able to eat takoyaki but that can't be helped.

Next is definitely Osaka!

Ame Mura!! [live house]

Thanks so much

Thank you Osaka! Reliably, I received so much spiritual love!

Above that, everyone that came from Tokyo, it was great!! Really, thank you!!

But it was Osaka.
But we really owe it to those that could come. I was very happy.

But I'm confused about being torn off from slipping (slipping into Toki-shi)

We displayed the men's hot energy through Osaka. [...LOL, sure. XD]
Thank you.

Men of Tokyo, ganbare!

Tokyo, Osaka, thanks for the great war☆

Next time we come, PLEASE give me more spiritual love!

Please treat tarrot kindly!