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28 April 2010 @ 11:58 pm
2007-06-05 16:45:56
Complete reason

My intention isn't to try and had better not make peace with the rivals.

Nothing is born there.

Because my purpose is to make peace

I'll let my companions know of my condition.

Friends, lover, acquaintances, everything

Ruthlessly [saying], I won't allow you to be affected by my intelligence.


The world, and humans

They can't seem to be clever.


They can be with great effort.

Even so

Today is fine.

When I'm doing the mic check, I say 'today is fine' (primary school teachers use it a lot)

In English it's

Heard as

Today is fine.

And the way I pronounce it suits well.

That said, I already wrote the Japanese translation

Honjitsu wa seiten nari

I wonder though what sort of thing it is?

Well, it's not bad.

For the place that I said it. [TN:...Saki likes to use random full stops. Makes translations sound. You know. Weird. LOL. Ok I'll stop xD]

See you☆