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29 April 2010 @ 01:48 am

2007-06-11 01:24:58
Udon x3

Near Holiday there's an udon shop. [TN: Shinjuku Holiday]

Eat 3 get one free.

Of course I ate 3.

It's not that much.

Won't this at least fulfill me!?
I made a mistake.
Won't it!? [TN: ...watch your endings, boy :| in Japanese there are a few ways to end words in negative form. Saki just happened to be using 'nu' for the first line of this passage, then decided basically "oh wait, no, let's say it this way instead" and used 'nai' for the last line... not that it makes much difference in English xD; I've come to discover that he likes using outdated words a lot orz... then again, he is quite old fashioned ♥]



Ah. That's old?

Lately the craze is Showa Era.

It's Taisho Era.

Oh, those clothes are stylish today, aren't they!

They really do say you're a facetious guy~

What! I'm modern!

So then

Use it [TN: modern talk. Remember, he's old fashioned xD and yes he's talking to himself lmao]

I will not use it.


You say you're modern?

I feel like I'm in between kiwis and moais.