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29 April 2010 @ 03:07 am

2007-06-16 00:23:53
There's no sign in the cafe

Master, please let me play music.

Says a certain lady.

I felt alone right at that moment.

Suddenly this kind of place (I'm keeping my speaking voice to just the right level since it's a quiet cafe), I was thinking about what to do since there's enka music playing.
It was a quiet atmosphere, that's why I wanted to come here but now the silence has been broken, so I'll part from this place that I'm usually at.

Master missed out on



This is like being wrapped in relief?

I like enka.

Though there's no sign, there are plenty other good places that I haven't found yet.

Please tell me of little-known good places.

Also from that thing

I'm hungryー!!

What shall I go eat.
And who will come.

No way piyoーn. [TN:...-tarrot- FAQ. Not that it explains this much lol]
I'm going my way.

Which reminds me
Even when I'm not hungry I buy a lot anyway, I want to cure that habit.

I spend a lot on food.

Ah, wellー

Since I don't smoke I suppose it looks good?

I want to save...

Even if I can't go shopping.

I'll do my best nu!